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I’ve been writing a lot of fan fiction recently. I’m going to make a listing here of all my Avengers movieverse fics in a recommended reading order. I’ll start with the ones with widest appeal, meaning they aren’t slash and are appropriate for most ages.

Stark vs Colbert Tony goes on the Report sometime after Iron Man 2.

First Law Safe, Golden Rule Sound A piece about the creation and personality of Jarvis.

Princesses of Asgard kind of a dark story exploring a what-if combination of Norse myth and the past of Loki from the movies. Here’s an illustration.

OK this next one isn’t slash either but it is the story that got me interested in slash and it’s the first chronologically in my Tony/Loki series.

Poison in the Blood just after the Avengers battle Tony and Loki chill together. Related illustration.

Warning: the rest of these contain homosexual romance. Specifically between Loki and Iron Man.

Crystalline Alignment Loki is back on Earth, without his magic and looking blue…in more ways than one. Here is my new illo for this one.

Better Mischief Through Science a continuation of the previous story’s romance, and a lot of insight into what really went on in the movie Thor. This illustration goes with it.

Rainbow Bridge sometime during the last chapter of Better Mischief Through Science, this happens. Focus is on Loki and Heimdall’s working relationship, but there are also a couple of Tony/Loki moments.

Midnight Mystery OneShots a collection of little stories that take place during or after the two main romance stories above. This actually contains my most explicit scene (which is not very).

Recommended by Me

Ok first section I’m going to do here is Not Slash/Pre-Slash, otherwise known as the sneaky evil cookies I like to use to lure people over to the side of FrostIron.

Like A Prayer – this is a fun one. Basically it’s a fully formed FrostIron story but without the romance.

The Linchpin – A fascinating one-shot in which Loki contemplates Tony and what he’s learned from their battles.

Unknown – WIP/cliffhangery. This story has an intriguing forced character dynamic. It’s really quite magical.

Making Friends – Loki and Tony become buds. This is where my most mischiefy tactics come in because the sequel to this, More Than Friends, is totally slash.

All right, next section – completed or non-cliffhangery FrostIron stories you can read without worrying about getting stuck at a bad place without updates. Some of them are quite explicit; all but one are rated accordingly on their respective host sites. I’ll put warnings on that one. I’ll list them from most cracky/fluffy to most angsty/sharp-edged.

The Loki Problem, followed by Deeds – Surprisingly touching and true to character for such silliness.

Wooer Wooed – A very fun stand-alone. The only G-rated thing in this section.

Where The Heart Is – a lovely origin story for the Smartass family scenario which keeps movie canon. I love that about it.

Halo – Don’t usually go for alternate movie events but OMG the WORDS in this thing it is like HEROIN. A bit sharp edged for how cracky it is.

Desiderata – another forced dynamic story. An interesting way to change up the pairing.

Nine Lives is classic & then there’s The Devil You Know which is incomplete but not in a terrible way since the sequel’s chapters are more self contained.

How To Win A Game Of Tag – I don’t know how to describe this better than the title already does.

Two Sides of the Coin is a fun one, especially if you can’t get enough of Sherlock saying “Bored, John” over on BBC.

The Book of Longing – the first alternate ending fic that pulled me in before revealing itself. Quite romantic. Not marked complete but seems like a good ending.

Born This Way – This series is a bag full of juicy lemons (most of the sections are explicit) but it also has a really good plot. It isn’t completely posted but the sections are self-contained. I believe two more sections exist and it’s being updated on a schedule.

We Shall Have Peace – this is like one of those last episodes of an anime where everything ends up wayyy out there from the whole rest of the show. Also Steve is the main character. So yeah.

The Liars Alliance – I guess Avengers didn’t happen in this one; the characters meet for the first time after negotiating an arranged marriage. Strange but very cute.

The Stories Untold – Oh no darkness and torture. At least there’s puppies. And it’s complete now!

Debt – A great one. I love the subtle use of images and phrases that draws parallels between the two characters here.

Words is fairly fabulous if a bit suicide-y and the sequel…well it gets weird. Stay

Tricks of the Trade This is radiant with sheer intelligence. Pretty much my favorite thing and the story is now resolved, although there might be a short epilogue upcoming.

An Unfortunate Event in Time and 20,160 Minutes – This is all good but chapter 4 of that second one is super amazing. Almost suggest reading it standalone. Now complete!

Unsure and a Hundred – a realistic distancing from the characters’ raw emotions unusual in fan fiction. These characters have masks.

All the Way Down – This is intense and strange, and has Pepper in it too. In a polyamorous way. It isn’t marked complete but each update seems self-contained.

Heart and Hurt – Warning: This is twisted and angsty but if you can manage not to judge it by the first scene it’s quite beautiful. It’s explicit on an unrated system, and contains apparent noncon.

All right, one more section – WIPs that I deem worth reading despite their cliffhangery nature.

Blue and Red and Has A Plan – There’s a badger and a guy named Walt. Also I have confidence that this story will be completed in a timely fashion since my sister’s writing it. And if she doesn’t I will hound her.

Shattered Hearts, Twisted Mirrors incomplete but there’s plenty there to read. End of the second story is a good stopping place. Beautiful and my favorite interpretation of what all crap has been going on inside Loki’s head. Only a little torturey.

Off The Record Has some snarktasticness but then gets really angsty and then goes cliffhanger at the moment.

Dreams – I keep being amazed at all the different plot devices people come up with to get these two together and trusting each other. One more fascinating one.

Conviction – Probably the best at conveying both Loki’s brokenness and godhood.

Longing – Beautiful, funny, painful, angsty. I find this one especially compelling, both emotionally and plot-wise.

I Fall to Fear and And I Rise in Agony – Great plot. Very dark & torturey. You could stop after the first story but you won’t want to.

Built Like a Moth – Beautifully horrible, kinda snarktastic, really messed up. Actually extremely cliffhangery right now.



  1. RéglisseLeChat said

    At first I just wanted to leave a comment to tell you that the stories An Unfortunate Event in Time and 20,160 Minutes are no longer on the pages they were. So, maybe if you could find a way to give us a new link, I would love you even more than I do now for the amazing stories you wrote and made me discover.
    So thank you very very much, and sorry if there is anything wrong with my English because I’m French… 🙂
    (I love you soooo much)

    • I see that the stories have been taken down for revision by the author. I’m going to assume they’ll return to those links when they’re done. I haven’t been keeping up with this rec list (or really this blog) but I have another on my tumblr with added stories, so if you want more recs there is a new list here and I also have more fics of my own here.

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