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Irene Wendy Wode Online

Oops, all my comics are on hiatus while I fall down the Avengers fanfiction rabbit hole. I’m going to make a separate page about that soon.

Kiss the Poison Tree
Long ago, the earth turned against humans, and we took to the trees. Keller Atratus has been a lone hunter for most of his life. But a chance encounter may change everything.

Kiss the Poison Tree is my most recent project.

Dragon's Fall
An ancient war between two groups of half-dragons breaks out again in present-day Philadelphia. Rated MA.

Dragon’s Fall is a graphic novel which I draw and co-write with William Righetti.

The Sun Elves, Book 2:

This fantasy comic strip updates 3x a week. In this sequel to The Elves of LleuGarnock, the sun elves try to integrate into human society, often with amusing results. Rated PG.

The Elves of LleuGarnock

The Sun Elves, Book 1

Two teenage elves, a twin brother and sister, are destined to save their world. Not only do they have to work with paranoid, magic-fearing humans, but they must learn to work with each other.

The Elves of LleuGarnock is rated PG. It is completed.

Webcomics on Twitter

There are lots of different sites that attempt to categorize Twitter users, but there are disadvantages. Most of them require the user to know about the service and sign themselves up. I started my Twitter account to network with other webcomic artists, but it’s also become a place to find and list webcomic artists on Twitter. I find a focused human brain is the best way to catalogue such a specific demographic of Twitter users. You can read more about this project here.


And of course, I blog right here on my blog. Mostly I complain about having to draw my comics.


Email me at qwanderer7@gmail.com

Irene Wendy Wode at home

I’ve experimented with a lot of media for drawing comics. With Kiss the Poison Tree, I’ve gone back to pencil, which is my first and strongest medium. It’s also very easy to obtain and carry everywhere with me. The color is a simple digital process.

Dragon’s Fall has also reverted to traditional media for the sketch phase, for similar reasons. I work on a Wacom Cintiq, using the GIMP, for ink and color. Dragon’s Fall is much more visually complex, and the digital canvas allows me the freedom to explore any visual effect I can imagine. Every page I create teaches me something new about the comics medium.

I love reading, but I never read comic books when I was a kid; my biggest influences are plain old books. I especially love the Narnia books and Sherlock Holmes. It wasn’t until college that I started reading manga and webcomics, so I’ve only been drawing comics for ten years or so. I’ve only recently gotten to a place where I feel competent with the medium.

I went to Bryn Athyn College, where I got an interdisciplinary bachelor’s degree in art and English. The Sun Elves comics are based on my ID project, which was an illustrated children’s book.


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