More FrostIron art

I might be switching to an art cycle but my obsession with the Avengers isn’t cycling out with my writing. So I’ve got a few pieces to share. One is slashy.

Tom Hiddleston Study

The first two are studies of the faces of Tom Hiddleston and Robert Downey Jr. from photos.  I’m hoping to learn how to draw real people better because honestly, the first illustration I made for Crystalline Alignment was pretty bad.

Robert Downey Jr. study

The third is an illustration of my version of the character Hel, from my story Princesses of Asgard. It’s in a very different style. At some point I might take a photo of a girl and draw her up from that.

Hel of Niflheim

One last one, and this is actually the first I drew. It’s the illustration I did for Better Mischief Through Science. I think I’m doing better in all digital right now for some reason. I haven’t done any in a while because KTPT was all in pencil, so I think I’m just ready to get into digital again.

Better Mischief Through Science

One last note: I made a page linking to all of my Avengers fan fictions with descriptions, reading order and warnings. I’ll likely be adding an extended list of recommended fics to the page at some point.


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