FrostIron stories

Hey there! So this entry in my blog is actually an extended Author’s Notes for my recently completed Avengers fan fiction, Crystalline Alignment. At the end there are some links to some other FrostIron stories that inspired me.

I read a lot of FrostIron before I started writing this, and I got some ideas but I also figured out some things I wanted to do differently than I’d seen them done. I think I may have overcompensated a little and ended up on the cerebral side of where I wanted to be. But I’m pretty satisfied with what I have.

There are a lot of versions of this pairing, everything from Tony the out-of-control addictive personality and Loki the semi-evil god of mischief who is in it for the sex and lulz, to Tony the just-wants-to-be-needed knight in shining armor and Loki the insane, desperately broken child.

I like to go for healthy relationships when I can, and of course it helps keep realism when you choose characteristics of the characters you can relate to. So my Tony is a blend of absentminded professor and overgrown child, hitting very close to home for me, and my Loki does the best he can with the brains he has, which are significant, but he fails at life for a lack of empathy or sanity or some indefinable quality that seems required for making the right choices. So he gave up trying to make the right choices. I’m kinda there: “I do what I want. BRB, writing slashfics.”

One of the things I wanted to avoid most was making either of the two men any more whiny or weak than their canon personalities. They both have weaknesses and they can be whiny, but exaggerating those never makes them seem attractive to me.

I also didn’t want to add more trauma to either of their lives. A lot of fics use a further trauma to throw the characters together, but it just seems to me that it’s unnecessary. Who they both are at the end of Avengers is what I wanted to be working with. They both already have enough trauma in their pasts to bring them together.

I feel like I accomplished what I wanted to – I rounded the sharpest corners off the characters, without changing their general shapes. Loki is always more of an interpretation, because of his nature as a liar and plotter and the theories about the effects the void and his blue glowy staff had on him. But I feel that my interpretation is strong, if not as strong as my Tony.

If I went back and rewrote this I feel like I would mostly go more in-depth at some of the points I described only vaguely, especially the conversations between Tony and Loki. At some point I might write some more scenes, but I will probably post them separately – especially if they get into M rating territory.

I kinda wandered all over Wikipedia articles on Marvel characters and Norse myths and stuff to come up with just the right references. Hope I didn’t get anything terribly wrong, but the movies are my primary canon and everything else I consider merely suggestions.

What follows list of some of my favorite FrostIron fics, ordered from most cracky to most angsty. For reference I would list Crystalline Alignment in the “mid-level snarktasticness” category. Most of them are explicit to one degree or another.

A Bit Cracked:

The Loki Problem, followed by Deeds – completed. Surprisingly touching and true to character for such silliness.

Wooer Wooed – A very fun stand-alone. The only G-rated thing on this list.

Halo – Don’t usually go for alternate movie events but OMG the WORDS in this thing it is like HEROIN. A bit sharp edged for how cracky it is.

Mid-Level Snarktasticness:

Nine Lives is classic & then there’s The Devil You Know which is incomplete but not in a terrible way since the sequel’s chapters are more self contained.

The Book of Longing – the first alternate ending fic that pulled me in before revealing itself. Quite romantic.

Two Sides of the Coin is a fun one, especially if you can’t get enough of Sherlock saying “Bored, John” over on BBC.

Serious Serious:

Tricks of the Trade incomplete. This is radiant with sheer intelligence. Very difficult to stop reading before the fifth story, now in progress. Doesn’t tend to cliffhangers, though, aside from clarifying, heightening and maintaining tension based on the first post-credits Avengers scene. Loki of the long game done right.

Shattered Hearts, Twisted Mirrors incomplete but there’s plenty there to read. End of the second story is a good stopping place. Beautiful and my favorite interpretation of what all crap has been going on inside Loki’s head. Only a little torturey.

An Unfortunate Event in Time and 20,160 Minutes – This is all good but chapter 4 of that second one is super amazing. Almost suggest reading it standalone. Incomplete.

Off The Record Has some snarktasticness but then gets really angsty and then goes cliffhanger at the moment. Incomplete.

The Stories Untold – Oh no darkness torture and incompleteness. At least there’s puppies.

Ultra Angst

I Fall to Fear and And I Rise in Agony – Great plot. Very dark & torturey, also unfinished.

Guys, these last two are nothing but sharp edges. It’s like they made a connect the dots where I made a Sculpey toy. They’re both pictures of the same thing but they never meet.

All the Way Down – This is intense and strange, and has Pepper in it too. In a polyamorous way.

Built Like a Moth – Beautifully horrible, kinda snarktastic, really messed up and unfinished. Actually extremely cliffhangery right now.

Ok that’s all for now! Enjoy the evil cookies.

I am in a strange mood.


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