Crystalline Alignment

So, hey, I haven’t posted here or drawn any comic pages in what feels like forever, even though I used to update here like every 3 months and it hasn’t even been 2 weeks this time. But I got to liking the idea of this being a blog where I post art that people look at, and I haven’t posted art anywhere since I started this Avengers fanfiction thing.

I like staying on a schedule with one project if it works for me, but ultimately I have an artistic temperament and I follow what I am inspired to do at any given moment.

I’ve been meaning to post what all is going on in my head but hadn’t gotten around to it. Now I have an art to share, because it is an illustration of my fan fiction:

And since there isn’t anywhere to post a decent sized version on, it brought me back here so I thought I’d also share what’s been on my mind.

Generally my belief about fiction is if people enjoy it, then it has value. I’m a fan of anything from Shakespeare to Twilight. I’ve also never looked down on a work for being derivative – only for doing it badly. After all, most things are derivative – in fact my favorite things are. The best way to write something great is to learn from something else great.

But one thing I had not been able to see the merit of was slash fanfiction. The idea of putting two male characters together in a romantic relationship, when they had shown no sign of being homosexual and perhaps have canon relationships with females, always struck me as off. The idea has its points, if only because it’s an interesting exercise for a writer to ask, “Under what circumstances would this happen, and how would it proceed?” But that could be said of any kind of strange event placed in an existing universe, and the particular exercise that is slash never appealed to me personally.

Then something happened to me. I found my first slash OTP.

Don’t ask me how this happened. Somewhere between seeing Avengers for the third time and writing a short fic where the two characters interacted platonically, I fell for them.

Anyway if you are interested in such things, you can read the fic here:

A couple of cool things about it I’ve been wanting to share:

All of Loki’s “one-downs” in Chapter 6 are based on things said in the Wikipedia article on the mythical Loki. For example: “The god Heimdallr says that Loki is drunk and witless, and asks Loki why he won’t stop speaking.”

Joe Palooka and Humphrey are real comic characters from Cap’s era. I live for the day when somebody who’s actually read the comics sees my fic, but it probably won’t happen.


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