This is my newest picture of Tabitha and Benedict. It really turned out interesting.

I was working on a couple of other pictures of Tazz, but I think I’m going to scrap them. They just don’t look right, and they don’t have the emotional impact that kept me coming back to these pictures I have posted.

I just don’t have enough of a grasp of this style to draw her from any angle but flat profile. I’ll have to keep trying. But anyway I like how she looks here. I am especially proud of the hands. Her hands in this picture are pretty much how I want them to be. Ben’s hands, I’m still fighting every step of the way, but they came out decently.

I experimented with a little bit of texture here. Not sure if it’s quite right, but it’s the first time I’ve tried it, and I think it does add something to the mood.

The mood is definitely my favorite thing about this piece. I’m really starting to feel like a “real artist.” I’ve pretty much always had the capacity to be technically proficient at whatever artistic task was set before me, but I lacked vision. I was a storyteller with no stories. I’m getting a feel for how to grab an emotion and put it on paper so other people can feel it.

Still just at the beginning of this, though. I mean this happened today, and the other day when I was drawing that Avengers art. That was the first time I can remember feeling that my emotions needed expressing in art. Then today, looking at that drawing, I wanted to have the same experience again. I wanted to pour emotion into a drawing.

I think this turned out pretty expressive, and it has the added bonus of featuring characters that I own.


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