Stylized Hands

So I talked a little bit earlier about my issue with drawing hands. I’m pretty happy with my default hand-drawing style for my existing comics. It tends to be fairly realistic, and more or less rounded, because I reference my own thickish hands all the time. Since the style for KTPT tends to the realistic and earthy, and all the characters have sturdy working-people hands, it works.

The thing about my new story, The Eldritch Princess of Sunflower, PA, is that it is in a style which emphasizes grace over realism. So I have to learn to draw hands that way. So I’m doing hand studies, not from real life or anatomy books, but from books of art that have that sort of style to them. Here’s my first page of hand studies:

The three down the right side are drawn from a book called Shojo Fashion. The nobbliness and stylized lines are a little more than what I’ll be going for, but still, I need to get used to breaking the rules in these ways. The more thoroughly I break the rules, the better I’ll remember how.

The shaded one is from a painting in a book of Japanese artists. I thought it was fascinating how much space there is between the fingers. I don’t draw like that because my hands don’t do that, but I think thinner-fingered hands might.

The two on the bottom left are from the Uzumaki art book. Naruto is a shonen manga, with a bold, chunky graphic style, so the hands in it tend to be a little more like what I draw – sturdy and thick, the hands of people who do a lot of things with their hands. But he still manages to get them to look elegant and Japanese. I figure if I can learn how he does that, it will contribute a lot to my mission.

But TEPOS is a shojo story, so I need to learn to draw the graceful hands of people who sit around swooning over their impossibly complicated love lives. 😛


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