I fell down the fan fiction well

I give myself a little more latitude when I’m sick. So after I spent an entire day reading The Host, I spent most of another day writing a fan fiction. That wasn’t so bad, but the most dangerous thing was that I went to fanfiction.net to post it.

I started running into marvelous distractions even before I got pulled into site content. The member dash had an announcement – an illustration utility! I had to quick draw a cover image for my main Firefly fan fiction. Oh here, lemme post a larger version here:

You know, it’s really hard to find reference pics of Fess.

Anyway I’m going to link to these stories now. My Firefly-years-later fic: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/3035871/1/Even_So_Mei_Miao and my new Host-years-later fic: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/8234952/1/Graffiti

Crossovers amuse me greatly, but my real favorites are fan fictions set years later in a world that’s changing because of the main characters of the story. I like to see everything come together satisfactorily. After I read The Host this time, I was consumed with a fascination about the future of Earth society.

Once I had worked out some things I thought likely, I just started writing. And before my eyes a marvelous OC was created, and what started out as a political speculation fic turned into one soul’s touching story of the struggle to find her/his Calling….

Anyway it turned out pretty cool. Even though I didn’t do much editing and the beginning is a bit scattered. I’m getting good reviews, which is one way ff.net drags you in.

While I was there I read some other Host fics, and some of the Just In stuff that seemed interesting. There was a cute Avengers one which ends up with Tony and Loki falling asleep on the couch, and I’m still turning over the idea of sketching up something based on that, and offering it as a cover image to the author.

Then I remembered how interesting it can be to look for the strangest crossovers you can find. Then I got sucked into an amazing Sherlock/Twilight crossover. Then I was attempting to read a House/Mentalist crossover that had some good ideas but just wasn’t well-written enough to keep the characters consistently engaging and themselves in my mind’s eye.

Then I had an idea that I wanted to do my own, except I’d really started out looking for crossovers with Lie to Me, so we’ll throw Cal in there, and why not Sherlock? He’s completely awesome. Except then I realized if I had all four of them in a room together in my head, my imaginary Hugh Laurie and my imaginary Simon Baker would have trouble keeping their American accents consistent around my imaginary Benedict Cumberbatch and my imaginary Tim Roth.

No really, that’s an actual problem I would have. When I was reading a House/Lie to Me crossover I kept accidentally hearing House’s lines in Hugh Laurie’s normal accent. I am familiar enough with the House accent to impose it on my imagination, but it takes some effort. And when Jane talks, I can always hear Simon Baker’s British Empire origin in his vowels.

I like accents.

Anyway, I’m still not sure where my imagination is going to take me today. Last night I did some hand studies, and I might scan them and fiddle with them and post them here, along with stuff about my struggle with drawing hands for vampires.


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