Angsty Ben

I stayed up until 3 last night doing art, but I was allowed because it was not to get a page done for the next day; it was because I was inspired. The things that I allow myself to do in the name of caring for my brain are odd, but they are built for optimal inspiration-driven creation.

Anyway here’s the piece I finished:

This came out a bit more angsty than I was intending. I was going for “grasping his pencil in anguished indecision” but there is also an unintended smidge of “considering stabbing self in heart with pencil.” Although, given that he’s debating the morality of staking vampires, it’s strangely appropriate.

Anyway, one of the reasons I’m not immediately jumping into this project as a comic yet is that I haven’t quite got down the style I want to use. It’s much more manga than pretty much anything else I’ve done, including things I intended to be in manga style but weren’t quite there. I think I’m pretty much where I want to be with Ben’s face here, but I’m still struggling with his hands, and pretty much every part of Tazz.

Pretty much every artist everywhere complains that they can’t draw hands, but I have an extra issue. I can draw chubby hands, because I look at my own hands for reference all the time. But when it comes to slim, graceful, slightly knobbly hands, my hands make really bad reference. And that’s the kind of hands I mostly want to draw on my characters. I’ve made compromises for hands in my standard style that look pretty good with it, but then when I put that into this new style I’m trying to develop, they just don’t have the grace to quite merge into the image.

But I’ll figure it out. I’ve just got to look at a lot of other reference for a while.

Anyway, I had a lot of fun inking this, and I want to show off my inks, but I am pretty much allergic to leaving something uncolored. So here is a paler version of the same pic:

Look how pretty the lines are!

Anyway, soon I’ll ink and color one of my pictures of Tazz, and then you can read my rant about how troublesome it is to finalize her character design.



  1. iangoldsmith said

    Nice work.

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