The Eldritch Princess of Sunflower, PA

So, I’m working on a new project. I’ve got no plans to start drawing it as a webcomic anytime soon; KTPT was a fluke, and I generally like to thoroughly plan a story before I start drawing pages of it or showing it to the public.  But I would like to give a sneak peek.

The two main characters have been brewing in my sketchbook for some time, and they had names that were only ever meant to be placeholders. I got used to the names, but while I was reading the Twilight series this past week, I realized my vampire had the same nickname as one of those. So I went to my name book and got them some similar but more permanent names.

Here are some initial designs for Tabitha and Benedict:

I’ll give you a few hints about their story. She is a benevolent but influential small-town vampire, and he is from a family of vampire hunters, and has moved to the countryside to have some space to contemplate the life he was born to.

This story seems to have developed some momentum in my creative brain; however, starting a new webcomic is not on my list of things that it would be a good idea to do. So I’ll only start the comic if I absolutely can’t help it. So, probably I will.

What is even more certain is that more pictures of these characters will appear here, on my blog. There’s nothing like churning out five pages of carefully shaded pencils a week to make me miss digital inks. I may not need a new story, but I need these characters to draw. So you’ll see more of Tazz and Ben.


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