Pencil Overload

I’ve been spending all my time lately drawing new pages of Kiss the Poison Tree. That’s been great, because now it’s been just a couple of months and I have more than 50 pages. But I have got to give myself a chance to work on other things.

As much as I will always like drawing in pencil, as much as this is my primary medium and style right now, I just don’t function unless I allow myself to wander between projects. I’ve got the other projects, but updating KTPT 5 times a week left no time to work on them.

I’m going to cut back to 3 pages a week for a while, on the fairly standard M/W/F schedule. I’m going to try to build a buffer, which will allow me to sleep more consistently. I’ve been having a few too many late nights finishing a comic for the next day at the last minute.

I’m going to try to work on my novel; I might draw more Elves of Linden Hold strips; I’m going to continue to develop my new vampire romance story. But mostly I’m going to enjoy some much-needed creative breathing room.

I’d like to keep the 3-a-week schedule for a while; probably at least the rest of the summer. I’ll reevaluate then. Heck, I might have a job by then. Who knows? We will see.


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