My Brain Watches a Movie (SWATH spoilers)

I’m going to tell you the story of what my brain did as I was watching Snow White and the Huntsman.

My brain loves to connect stories, find similarities and patterns, and basically produce a constant stream of miniature crossover fanfictions. This movie was excellent fodder for that, so I thought I’d give everyone a rundown of how this movie appeared from such a perspective.

It begins like a lot of fairy tales do, then settles down into being a lot like Ever After. I wasn’t really looking for parallels consciously yet. The phenomenon came into focus when the Queen ground-ripped that flower. I was like “OMG she is totally a rogue Lakewalker, going around ground-ripping things and people!” Let’s see, she reinforces her own ground, choosing victims with the qualities she desires. She can also do ground reinforcements in others when she chooses to.

The Sharing Knife parallels had me for a while, so that when the troll showed up – well of course I thought of How to Train your Dragon briefly when the princess was facing it down, but after that I tried to figure out what it could be in Lakewalker terms. “Not a malice,” I thought. “But if a malice ever figured how to make mud-men out of trees, I bet they would look like that, and stick around longer than animal-based mud-men.”

Then of course the fairies showed up and ruined the whole Sharing Knife crossover. But that’s OK, because this is the part where just about every anime fan in the theater experiences the parallel phenomenon.  “It’s the shishigami!” we all whisper to each other excitedly. “And those must be the kodama then!”

There are surprisingly few “Oh, hi, Bella” moments, but the later stages of the poison apple’s effect was one of them. I suppose there are only so many ways that one person can writhe in helpless pain. But I got over it quickly, because now that I’m in anime-watcher mode, they show me a magic-person returning to their home in the form of black-feathered birds, coalescing into one form again, but quite injured and still with too much birdness to them.

“Well, then, Howl!” I say. “Heart-hunting, are we! Obsessed with how pretty you are! Bathing in magic potions not quite doing the trick?” And of course the kidnapping of young girls is, in this case, more than a rumor. I have a gleeful moment over that.

Next, I watch the huntsman talk to the dead princess, and Sharing Knife comes back into play briefly. “Hello, Dag!” as he describes his tragic past, and how he’s never felt quite alive since his wife died. Oh yeah and he gave her a knife once.

So next she wakes up from being dead, and she says she can see inside the queen’s mind. Oh hey did you notice the princess has black hair and green eyes and dead parents? And that the villain, in an attempt to use the hero to become immortal, has engineered her own demise? Misunderstood portents and the use of the child’s blood are key features here. Voldie, Voldie, Voldie. Don’t kill the noble orphan hero, that never turns out well. PS do you remember back in that one transformation sequence when the queen had no nose?

So fight scene, blah blah blah, and then the princess gets crowned, and I realize abruptly that they never named the country. Because instead of “Queen of ___” she simply gets declared queen of this land.

I hear Wash in my head. Everyone, say it with me: “We will rule over all this land and we will call it… This Land. “


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