I just wrote a bunch of scripts for Kiss the Poison Tree.

With any other comic I’ve done, that would be the way I work. Now I’m questioning it, because KTPT is supposed to be spontaneous, and not adhere to my old work patterns. If I work too far ahead, will I be thinking too much? Will I lose the spirit of integration between scripts and imagery?

I’ve decided that it’s okay, as long as I write the right kind of scripts in the right way. It’s a linear process, which values every panel as its own moment, and not simply as a means to get to something in the future. It’s a process that involves not just dialogue, and often no dialogue at all, but rather a sequence of images that all have their own interest and beauty. (The fact that a lot of these images are Keller’s hair is beside the point.)

The scripts that I’ve written seem to adhere to this, except for a certain amount of non-linear process, which doesn’t seem to have devalued any previous moments. And it might be a good thing to write scripts when I can, now that the hot weather has arrived. Writing isn’t something I’ll always be able to muscle my way through.

When my brain is working, it’s very interesting to look back at the plot that has developed with this writing method. I have to stop myself from looking forward with the same mindset, because that would throw the whole thing off. It’s very strange. I’m used to holding a whole story in my head, like a big tangled ball of yarn, following the strings in and out in a very non-linear way. I guess it must be similar to how the Doctor sees time.

When I’m writing a novel this works for me, except for the part where I haven’t finished one yet. But in theory, I eventually get around to writing every moment in a worthwhile way, to form a linear story. It doesn’t matter what order I write in.

You can’t do that in comics, because of the page unit, and artistic continuity of details, and because it’s hard to go back and edit the existing art if the story changes. All these would still apply to writing a graphic novel as a unit. They are not even taking into account the linear nature of online comic updates and the evolution of art style.

So really, what I’m doing is changing my storytelling method to adapt to my chosen medium. And it may help me write my novels as well, learning to be in a moment in a story. To see a particular tree instead of letting the forest dominate my view.

Gosh, I’m getting thinky. I might need to switch to writing a novel if I continue to want to write. I can only write KTPT scripts as long as I do succeed in staying in the moment. Right now my view might be a bit too wide.

I see the uuuuuniverse.


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