A Necessary Struggle

I’m writing the scripts for Friday and next week, and I’m wrestling with Friday’s script because it contains another brush with sentimentality.

It’s becoming more clear to me that just because I’m struggling against too much sentimentality, it doesn’t mean that having none would be best. In fact, I may be doing just what I should be doing – carefully treading the line just this side of oversentimental. The struggle is necessary because the impression I want to give is of the same thing I’m feeling right now – that of a character who would rather avoid oversentimentality.

It seems like it will often be a question of straying out in different directions until I am a little uncomfortable with where the story is, and then coming back to the central feel and atmosphere. I’m following my character here and taking my cues from his emotions, but that doesn’t mean everything always has to go right for him. In fact I think he’d be a bit weirded out if they did. But if a situation gets too uncomfortable for him he will bail, so all I need to do is make sure I’ve got a situation in which my main character will continue to stick around. Pushing him to the edge a few times is only going to make things more interesting.

At least that’s how I’m justifying it to myself. And now that I have, it’s time to stop thinking. I just needed to work my way through that thought process; now I can go draw Friday’s page.


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