The Appearance of Spontaneity

It’s actually a lot harder than it sounds to make a comic with a spontaneous spirit. It requires a lot of consideration, actually, but of a kind I am unaccustomed to.

“Do, don’t think,” is definitely part of it, because I do tend to overthink. But there are a lot of different aspects I’m still figuring out. If I don’t think enough I will tend to fall back into my old storytelling habits.

The updates of this week may have a little bit of this problem. I introduced an element that might lead to a plot, and I automatically spun out in the “plot development” direction. I still can’t figure out what else I could have done, though, so my new attitude tells me “Don’t worry about it, just get back to the feel you want as soon as possible.” So that’s what I’m doing.

Now next week’s scripts are looking more encouraging, but I ran into another problem. My writing led me to a character, and then the character started jawing away until the dialogue totally outpaced the art. This is wrong for the comic too but I’m having a hard time making the character shut up! He’s quite amusing, as well, so that introduces the element of willpower. This is some great stuff and I don’t want to cut it, but I need to keep steering my way back to the desired vibe of the comic. No plot point and no character should be allowed to circumvent that, at least not for more than a couple of pages!

And I guess this is something I’m just now figuring out. I didn’t realize the vibe of the comic was so central to what it wanted to be until this week’s scripts showed me what I should not be doing.

Anyway I really like some elements of this week’s comics, even though they’re a little off the target feel, so I will leave them in and call them an anomaly, a learning experience and a reminder. And I will try to remember not just to think less, but also to think differently.



  1. Melanie said

    Have you thought about allowing him to talk all he wants, then expanding the comics and adding pictures to fit his words and slow down the pace? Do you think that throws off the vibe too much?

  2. qwanderer said

    His rants would sort of lose their punch if I interspersed them with a months’ worth of pictures of his clothing, no matter how awesome that clothing may be. 😛

    Imagine watching film of someone caffeinated talking in extreme slow motion. It just doesn’t have a calm, woodsy feel.

    And yeah, the vibe at its core is fairly dependent on being centered around Keller’s actions rather than anyone’s dialogue.

  3. Melanie said

    I see. That is a good point.

    Now I have an image in my head of a scene where the entire background is covered in his barely legible rant, occasionally interspersed with forrest sounds like birds chirping. I mention this not because I think it’s a good idea, but because I think it’s funny.

    Although, now I wonder if you could squeeze in some dialogue by writing it really small outside word bubbles, in a lighter color than the standard black. That would be a lot of work though, since you’d sort of have to make it part of the art.

    Sorry, I’m just sort of letting my mind wonder here. Feel free to ignore me.

  4. qwanderer said

    LOL no.

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