My heart has been telling me from the beginning to take this new thing and run with it – to throw everything else out the window and just work on Kiss the Poison Tree. Now my mind is coming around to the idea as well.

I’ve been getting a lot of positive feedback on KTPT. The opinions I weigh most heavily are those of the people I’ve chosen to collaborate with creatively, and now they’ve both weighed in on the positive side.

William and I are both finding ourselves at points in our lives where continuing to work on Dragon’s Fall is not what we want to be doing. So next month, that comic will be taking its second hiatus.

This makes me sad, because I do love the project, but it is also quite liberating. One of the things stopping me from putting everything into KTPT was the thought that I would need some of my energy for Dragon’s Fall.

I’d already sort of given up on The Elves of Linden Hold and its complete lack of popularity, so when that decision was made I felt free.

Then it hit me that the pressure was on and KTPT was my one project and I had better make it good. I had maybe a ten second case of artists’ block before I was like “Okay, self, this is the project where we’re doing, not thinking, right? So don’t think. Just draw.” Then I did.

That dynamic is going to prove very useful for me, especially in the warmer months when my brain melts and becomes nonfunctional. Hopefully I can muscle through these updates even when I can’t string three words together because it’s too hot.

But I’m still not sure how well that’s going to work, so I don’t know if I should set a schedule for KTPT updates. In the state I’m in now I’m producing about 5.8 pages a week. I’d like to stay excited about posting pages when they’re done. The way I’ve done things in the past, and my natural inclination, is to set a schedule, produce a buffer, and then adjust the schedule if necessary. But that might not be advantageous here.

When Dragon’s Fall was still on the table, I was considering a classic M/W/F schedule. Now that I’ve decided to go all in with KTPT, that seems far too sparse. I’m wavering between 5 days a week and M/Tu/Th/F four pages a week.

I’ve got two finished pages now, so I will schedule them for Monday and Tuesday. After that, I’ll reevaluate. I have a feeling I’m going to have a page I’ll really want to post on Wednesday.

My brain is being all annoyingly niggly and saying that I don’t know what happens next, so I should be cautious. Too bad, brain! This is not about caution! This is about doing a cannonball into a lake of pure artistic freedom!



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