The Artist is In

So, I finished 10 pages of Kiss the Poison Tree. I figure I should take a break, since it’s an all right stopping place, and I’ve got other comics to work on. I’ve got Dragon’s Fall pages to draw. The problem is, I got my artist brain ramped up to draw KTPT, and now I’m looking at DF with my artist eyes, and it all seems nearly impossible.

The artist wants to do her best. That means every background character, every piece of furniture, every drink stirrer needs to be thoroughly analyzed and optimized. The artist is, frankly, a little obsessive. This is why I kicked the artist out of the whole Dragon’s Fall project.

But I really need to get some DF pages done, and the artist is not in the mood to go back in her box. So I guess the next few pages I draw are going to be extra-special. And I guess that’s all right.

The question is, in the long term, what will happen? I definitely want to continue KTPT with the focus and quality I began it with, but what will that mean for DF? Maybe it will mean that I will go back to spending tortuous weeks on every DF page, like I did in the beginning. Maybe it will mean that I will learn to make the artist shut up when I just need to finish a page. Maybe it will mean that I learn a lot of new tricks and shortcuts for making it look like I spent time thinking out every little detail. I hope it’s that one. That sounds pretty good.

The artist is also criticizing a lot of the decisions I’ve made since she left the project. That, I will ignore. The completed pages and sketches I’ve done are untouchable. I will not go back. I will not fix. That is the path to true comic artist insanity.

At the moment I’ll just be attempting to focus on elements that I’m good at, the way I do with KTPT. The artist tells me I ought to find one in every panel, and focus attention on it. She’s got some good points, and maybe it’s time she had some more input on Dragon’s Fall anyway. It’ll be interesting to see what happens!


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