Brain Vacation

I’ve reached that point where I need to decide whether to outrun the steamrollers, or sidestep them. I think on this project, having them after me won’t do any good. It’s time to sidestep. Which means I need to get out of my brain and go take in some sensory information. I think I’ll take a walk, and then watch some television.

The steamrollers are a visualization of my own sense of the momentum of a project. They keep me motivated and working even when I’m not naturally inspired. That’s a good thing when I have a time-oriented goal, but with KTPT, quality really is the first priority – a certain type of quality which includes spontaneity.

I’m sick of drawing, so I won’t draw. And unlike with my other projects, I’d prefer to plan ahead as little as possible. I don’t want to have more than a few undrawn scripts.

It’s going to be a little bit difficult to empty my brain of a project I’m so excited about. But because I do care so much about the project, it must be done.

I’ll go take a walk now, and look at some trees. They’re getting leaves now! It should be nicely brain-quieting.


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