Kiss the Poison Tree

When I got up on Wednesday morning I had no idea that today I would be applying for a ComicGenesis site for a completely new story.

Yeah, it’s pretty much official. The new comic is a go. It’s called Kiss the Poison Tree.

I don’t want to go into much detail about it, because I’d really like the plot to speak for itself…or more precisely, I’d really like the art to speak for the plot. I’ve never been quite able to do that to the extent that I’d like. But the way this comic is shaped in my head, I think I have finally found a way I can make it work.

I’m constructing the story around two main elements – the first is the main character. I don’t know if I should admit this, but I find it fascinating, so I will. Keller Atratus is a painstaking aggregation of some of my favorite characters of all time and their coolest traits. It involved charts and everything.

The other element that forms the story is my ability as an artist. I’m really trying to take the elements I’m already good at and like to draw, and include them as much as possible. It’s a perspective I’ve never had the space in my brain for before, but it’s a fascinating way to build a comic, to build a page, to build a world and most of all to build a plot. It’s amazing how far I can get just by saying, I’d love to draw x so I’ll have to include lots of those. How do I get x involved in the plot?

This all seems very self-indulgent-sounding to me. But I’m learning that an artist has to please herself. Based on the really terrible performance of The Elves of Linden Hold, it doesn’t work to force myself into a more marketable form if it doesn’t line up with my skills. I’ve got to face the truth, that I am pretty bad at writing gag strips and drawing simple yet entertaining pictures.

I’m still going to try to update The Elves of Linden Hold at its current schedule as long as I can, or until it comes to a natural end. Those things I’m bad at, I’m practicing because I want to be better at them, and there is a lot of good material already written that I want to get out onto the internet.

I have absolutely no clue how quickly or consistently I’ll be able to produce a page of Kiss the Poison Tree, so for now I’m not even going to guess at a possible update schedule. I guess it depends somewhat on the popularity of the comic. If it is a sudden success, I might have to prioritize it over my other comics and try for an ambitious update schedule. Well, I can dream.

Whenever I start a project I have this feeling of “This is so cool, this has to be the thing that finally makes me famous.” It’s hard to compare those feelings between projects. But everything just came together for me so quickly here, I almost have no choice but to believe in it. My muse is dragging me along and all I can do is follow.

Keller Atratus and Blythe Beacon


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