Drawing My Bishie!

So I’ve been drawing a lot of pictures of Mahkai lately, and I think I realize why he’s turning out to be kind of bishounen.

An artist is constantly torn between wanting to draw what they’re good at drawing and wanting to practice what they’re bad at drawing. A comic artist doubly so, since storytelling is the primary aim. You want to draw the things that are necessary for telling the story clearly, but if you are too bad at drawing something it might not be clear what it is.

This opposes the natural cycle where if you like drawing something you draw it more often, and if you draw it more often you get better at it. This takes much less energy and is much more fun.

Generally I fight to do what is right for the comic page, and draw whatever insanely difficult thing appears in it. But the art I’ve been doing recently has been for recreational purposes – to keep me sane, in other words. So I’m just drawing what I feel like drawing. Handily, a lot of the work I’m doing will eventually be used in Dragon’s Fall – it’s mostly been of the main characters.

It’s mostly been my main characters, because they’re the ones I relate to the best. If I had to identify with one character in Book 1 of Dragon’s Fall, it would be Mahkai. This might surprise some people, seeing as how he’s a) a man-eating dragon b) suave and manipulative and c) male, but it’s true.

So here’s the part where it gets strange. Er. Normally my recreational art is of females, since I’m best at them, since I am one and they’re pretty to draw. So what’s been happening is, I’m incorporating a lot of elements I like drawing into my pictures of Mahkai. He has pretty hair, interesting colorful clothes, and a pretty face. In short, he’s kind of bishounen.

Not too much. I’m good enough at drawing males, and heterosexual enough, that drawing him obviously masculine is recreational. But definitely to a point where the word I would use to describe most of these pictures is “pretty.”

Anyway I just found that interesting. Hopefully with enough practice, I will get good enough at drawing male characters that they won’t be so annoying to draw, and I’m glad I’m finding my way in that direction without too much drain on my energy, because I only have so much to spare these days.

I wish I could show you these pictures, because I am immensely proud of them. But they are so full of spoilers. You will just have to wait.


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