The Future

My future is an amorphous beast right now, but I definitely intend to continue writing and drawing my comics. They keep me sane, and I will need them.

I have a huge buffer for The Elves of Linden Hold, and at this point, the major reason for holding off the launch until January is that for the last few months I’ve been telling everyone that that’s when it will start.

Originally I had the idea that if I held off the launch I would give myself space to work on Dragon’s Fall and maybe build up a buffer before I started in on a new project. There may still be some truth to this, if only because for the next three weeks I will be anxious to work on The Elves of Linden Hold but the delay will remind me that I’m supposed to be working on Dragon’s Fall. But the reason that has really fallen off the map is that I was worried about working on two comics at once, because the first time I tried it I crashed and burned. But that doesn’t seem to be a factor any more. I’ve been switching between DF and LH pretty seamlessly.

In any case it is winter again, my most productive season. I expect to get a lot of comics drawn in the months ahead. The thing that I’m most worried about getting in the way of this is the fact that I’m finally thinking seriously about moving out. Probably in January or February, right in the middle of my most productive season and the launch of my new comic strip. So that should be interesting.

Especially since the aspect of drawing I’m always behind on is the digital work which requires my full work station. It’s not that hard to set up in a new place – all I really need is an electrical outlet – but it’s something that I need to take into consideration.

I’m not very worried about getting a job. I’ve held down a job and worked on a comic before. I wasn’t very good at updating my comic back then, but I did always get home and work on something creative, and now I’m much better at consistently channeling my creative energy into comics.

OK, maybe I am a little worried about actually getting a job. But not too worried. And I shouldn’t need to find one for a while, if it proves difficult.

Anyway, The Elves of Linden Hold is the first comic I’ve started with no main story arc in mind – in other words, it is an open-ended comic which might go on, theoretically, forever. It’s also got a formula which seems more geared to be popular with the casual comics reader. If I can make it profitable at all, it will give me a big warm fuzzy feeling, and help me get my life together again both in practical and emotional ways.

The Elves of Linden Hold may not, in fact, go on forever, but The Sun Elves might. I have a lot of future events planned out, and there is a theoretical Book 3, as well as some much later events, such as might go into an epilogue if I ever finish everything that goes before it and can’t think of things to go after it. But both of those seem unlikely. I can always think of more things to happen at any point in the timeline, and there are hundreds of years in there to fill. Wherever I end up getting to, I should have enough material that I can draw Sun Elves comics for the rest of my life.


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