exciting times

I shouldn’t have worried. I can’t be at the peak of my creativity cycle without being inspired. I am so inspired. I’ve been adding great little bits to scripts and thinking of inspiring new visuals to draw into the pages.

It’s the part just after the peak that may be worrisome, but it’s going to be okay too, because once I run out of ideas and inspiration on this cycle, I will have plenty of work to do with no inspiration needed.

Last time I was inspired to write, so I wrote until I had a ton of scripts mostly decided. This time I was inspired to draw, thankfully. I don’t like having to force myself to sketch because the pages can get really mechanical. So I’ve sketched all those scripts I wrote last time and then some that I’ve written since.

I’ll try to write more, and if I succeed, I can do more sketching before I hit the end of inspiration. But either way it will happen; sooner or later I will run out of creative juice. And then I will have a whole lot of inking and finishing to do. This will let me cool down.

Just because the end is closer than ever doesn’t mean I’m in a huge rush. I’m producing comics very quickly, but it’s because these are the best parts of the story, and every script inspires me to go on.

I am happy to be near the end, and it seems to me now that I will be able to finish in ten chapters of average length. Chapter Eight is nearly scripted. Chapter Nine is the problem area, wherein I have to bring together the threads of the plot into a satisfying climax. Things are shaping up better than I feared, but there’s still a lot of work to do. After 9 is finished, if it does everything I want it to, Chapter Ten will be a fabulous and fun denouement. I already have almost half the projected last chapter’s scripts written.

This confirms my previous prediction of the comic finishing in the summer of 2012, but my new prediction, based on my current rate of production, is that I will have finished creating all those updates by the end of 2011.

That would be amazing, but I have no idea whether it will happen, and I don’t care as much as I thought I might. I have a good perspective on how much work it actually is, and I know it’s going to take months of hard work and at least a couple more creative cycles. I know I can’t just push through that. I’m just happy to be here.

And actually it depends most on these next months, because the post-Christmas months, as I’ve said before, are by far my most productive. I expect a lull in the next couple of weeks, and then another super-productive month in February. By March my predictions should be even more accurate.

Anyway, that’s what my brain’s been up to.


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