More Predictions

I wasn’t really thinking about it, but a couple of days ago someone asked me how well I had the rest of The Elves of LleuGarnock planned out and how long it would take. I’d gone through the remaining plot recently so I stopped to think how much of it there had been. I realized I might be able to fit it into three more chapters, making a total of ten.

Three more chapters. That actually sounds reasonable. That would be about a year and a half or two years, but that doesn’t sound like too much now that I’m almost three years in.

Of course I’m acting like I’m done Chapter 7, when I haven’t gotten all the scripts done and about 1/3 of it still needs to be drawn. So that’s going to add some time too. But even if it goes longer than I think it will, say, to twelve chapters, I’m still definitely more than halfway through, which is amazing.

I’m hoping I can still finish it in less than two years, though, because I have so much stuff I want to do when it’s over. Like rewrite the first three chapters, and get back to Dragon’s Fall. Anyway, you’ve heard all that.

So I’ll get back to work now, so I can finish the comic as soon as possible.


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