lack of perspective

I’ve been pretty good at maintaining a flow of work on The Elves of LleuGarnock, especially considering how much the weather is affecting my ability to think. But being totally caught up in the immediate work has its price. I have no idea what the quality of my work is, because I never get to sit back and really contemplate it.

I make a lot of decisions about how to write each script and build each page, and I’ve trained myself to make those decisions quickly with a minimum of effort.  While I know I can make those decisions better than I could at the beginning of the comic, the quality control is so unconscious that I really have no conscious sense of how I’m doing.

This makes sense for me as I’m creating LleuGarnock, because as you know if you’ve been following my blog, my priority on this project has been timely updates, and ultimately a completed story. The downside is that it’s quite disorienting. From my perspective this story is just speeding by.

It’s not that I have my process completely worked out. In fact I am constantly trying new things in terms of page layouts and styles. But even that is part of my fast-paced decision process. Which is the strangest part for me in terms of how much I am conscious of doing. It leads me to ask questions like, “When did I learn how to cell shade?”

I am really looking forward to the point when I will be able to sit back and consider the finished product – the complete Elves of LleuGarnock. I know that I want to rewrite the first three chapters, but even now I know that if I wait until I’ve completed the story and given the whole thing thorough contemplation, I will be a much more competent person and have a good idea of how to make the story the best it can be.



  1. Funny — I do the same sort of thing, except I have a buffer, which gives me a little (but not much) more time to put things together because I’m not piecing it together a page at a time…

    … and to me, the story feels SLOW.

    Mebbe I’m just impatient…

    • qwanderer said

      I have a buffer too, but I feel pressure to work on it because things go much more smoothly if I script about five comics, then sketch all of them, then ink them. When I run out of buffer I go into all-out panic mode.

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