a pause for manga?

The Elves of LleuGarnock has always been a story with many stories in it,  but some of the stories that have been with it from the beginning just don’t fit any more. The longest story has been left out, and its place has come and gone. The second-longest story has its place in the main story probably late this year or early next year, and I still haven’t decided whether to include it.

Of course in written form it seems longer, because unlike my notes on the main story, all its main dialogue is written out, and there’s quite a bit of description as well, which I can leave out when translated into comic. I’ve figured out that I can fit the whole thing into maybe 13 or 14 pages. The thing is, that still means a month and a half away from the main storyline.

I believe in the long term it will add to the story, and after all that is my main objective. It’s not like the pace of the updates now are especially conducive to appreciating the story as it is written. But really, when I’m thinking of whether to include it, the thing that attracts me to it the most is my own desire to draw it.

I imagine it would be sort of like a vacation, not in the sense of being less work but purely because it is so different visually from anything I’ve been doing. The plan is to draw it in a relatively pure manga style. I promise this will make some sense.

I also like the idea of drawing a short story comic that stands on its own. All of the stories that have been inserted into The Elves of LleuGarnock up to this point really depend on the main story, and weave in and out of it. A possible exception is the Corncake Cat, but it doesn’t really benefit from being in comic form.  I mean something that I can hand to people and say “Look what I can do with comics!” without making them read the LleuGarnock archives from their larval form up to this mysterious coccoon-like phase, then leave them hanging…like all you guys.

So for all these reasons, I think I’m probably going to do it. I’m picturing it occurring in November or December, so judging by my past estimates it will probably see updates next February or March. I figure it’s probably better than another breakdown and hiatus from getting really sick of drawing LleuGarnock pages that all look the same. Ok, that isn’t quite accurate, but whatever. Sometimes I just get tired of things and need a change.


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