Where’s the Fun?

So, the scripts I’m working on are going very slowly. There are several reasons for this. But they’re really all connected, and the root of it is that this part of the story is really distressing. There won’t be many LOL moments in Chapter 6. I just can’t figure out how to fit them in to everything that’s going on.

I’ve been thinking about this a lot, so I felt like I had a lot to say about it, but I can’t really go into the specifics. I don’t want to give everything away. But I do think it’s appropriate to warn people that Chapter 6 is not a barrel of monkeys.

I am appreciating my buffer a lot at this point. Not only does it keep this problem from causing excessive stress, it actually allows me to move faster when I do have scripts. I can build up a bunch of sketches just working on them between other things or even during other things, and then I can get in front of my Cintiq and ink and finish all of them at once. When I have enough pages that I can really get in the zone with my inking, and get a lot done in a day. It’s much better than having to ink one at a time as they are about to go up on the site.

So I have to maintain my buffer from now on, and that means only working on a page of Dragon’s Fall when I know I have enough LleuGarnock buffer that I can let it lapse for a month and still have a month left. I don’t have that quite yet, and I won’t know when it will happen until I finish with this difficult part and get into the next lull in the action.

Balancing out the depressing mood of the comic is the rest of my life, which is marvelous. I didn’t mind apartment living, but having a yard in the spring is really nice. I’ve been outside barbecuing and transplanting flowers and all sorts of things. It’s awesome.


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