The Epic Continues

This is yet another post which will probably mostly consist of me telling you how awesomely epic the LleuGarnock story is going to be. I know you’ve heard a lot about this, and you may be getting bored of it. But it might make a difference if I tell you that by the end of the month, events in the comic will have reached a point where the main story arc has been undeniably set in motion, and a point which is arguably the beginning of the climax.

It’s difficult to see the shape of a story while it’s being written from front to back. I generally tend to write more organically, starting with a few interesting events and working out from them on either side, letting them inspire new events. And I certainly haven’t stopped that process entirely. After all, it is my favorite thing ever to do.

I just spent a blissful hour and a half rereading my notes and narrative fragments for the rest of the LleuGarnock story. I got the timeline down a little more solidly, especially in what now seems to be the middle part of the climax, which was a piece I had worried about. However, at the rate I am adding material and embellishing the story, that part might turn out to be somewhat before the actual peak of action.

I don’t know, these literary terms are so fluid. What I was taught in school is that a plot should be a pyramidal sort of shape, with a peak in the middle, and some sand stretching out on either side. The top of that pyramid is the climax. But a lot of the books that have been written recently seem to look more like a long stretch of sand with an obelisk suddenly appearing on the far right. In other words there’s a lot of talking and maybe some running around, but it’s not until the very end that we get to the heart of the matter and really grapple with the problem.

I think my confusion about where the peak of the LleuGarnock plot lies is based on the fact that I already have a nice pyramid planned out, but I’m not sure whether the end is going to just have that nice flat bit of sand, or whether an obelisk might pop up out of nowhere. I can see why they’ve become the style – it’s so tempting to go out with a bang.

Here’s the part where I again realize the same things and again have to state them as new information. This is a huge long story and it is going to take years! I keep adding things and it keeps getting longer! The more I write about these characters the more I adore them! My abilities are increasing and this story will only get awesomer!

You may see that paragraph duplicated in a future post.

Dragon’s Fall is still on hold, which I really need. Not only does it give me time to relax, recover my sanity, and clean my house, but it also leaves me with a blissful unconsciousness of my potential as an artist. This means I can get through drawing a page of LleuGarnock without agonizing over all the things I could have done with it.

Factor in this lack of artistic pressures, my excitement over upcoming events in the story, and the head start I have gotten on the next few pages, and…but I don’t even want to say it. I’ve been saying it for almost a year and it’s like I’m jinxed.  But, okay, Buffer seems somewhat possible in the near future.

I noticed something else today. When I wrote The Sun Elves it was a narrative, and I have been working on writing funny things and in page-sized chunks since I began this comic rewrite. As I read through today, if I had something to add, it took a natural form. I would write some dialogue, and after a few quick exchanges, about a page’s worth, I unconsciously thought in the punchline direction. And it worked, just like that!

One of the best things about this is that I have quite a few of these pre-planned humorous pages, even in the darkest, most depressing parts of the story that would be just crushing without them. I’ve been worried that I wouldn’t be able to keep these sparks of humor up throughout the comic, but I’m not worried anymore.

So stay with me, readers! Things are about to get interesting!


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