rubber squeaky toy.

My mom came to visit the other day and she said I looked like I had a pretty good handle on life. I may have frightened her with my dire previous blog post involving steamrollers. Well, today I realized these very different impressions I gave off are because I am like a rubber squeaky toy. When I get flattened I make a lot of noise, but once the pressure lets up I bounce right back.

My current lack of production of comics is not from any psychic overload that must be gotten over, but simply because I just have no time. Those of you who know me know that being there for friends and family is the most important thing in my life, and you guys have kept me pretty busy for the past month.

One of the reasons we moved was specifically so that we could have room for overnight guests, and I’m thrilled that people feel comfortable crashing here when they need to. This being the first day of the local college’s Christmas break, we’ll have people around pretty much constantly until New Year’s. While I may be able to squeeze in some drawing, there will be no more 2009 updates on either of my comics.

We’re also still dealing with the last of the boxes brought over from the apartment. Hopefully once we’ve got all of our junk organized and the house running smoothly, I’ll be better able to balance my social life with my art.

Right now I’ll stick with more immediate priorities: The tree is up, the house is full of people and food, snow is falling gently, and if we can figure out how to start the gas fire, Christmas should be pretty much perfect.


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  1. kcd75 said

    Love the squeaky toy analogy!


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