Death by Flattening

One of the things I’ve very carefully cultivated in my comic projects, especially LleuGarnock, is momentum. I know my own habits pretty well, and I figured once I had been drawing comics for long enough, the sheer force of knowing that I always have a comic for an update day would cause me to wish to continue that pattern. However, the force of that momentum is even greater than I had realized, and it is bearing down on me fast. Unless I step away from the path I am on, I will be flattened.

However, there is good news. Instead of the one gigantic steamroller I had at one time imagined, it comes in the form of several smaller steamrollers. The first of them has already run me down, and I am only lightly bruised. I can still feel the rest of that cultivated momentum prodding at my rear. This causes me to hope that, if I step off of the road and let that pressure roll away from me, I might come back to the work refreshed before all of my momentum is gone.

This is, of course, a reluctant lead-up to that terrible word, hiatus.

I hope to be back to my previous routine by the new year.


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