Catching Up

Wow, I haven’t blogged in a while. Guess I just haven’t had the chance to sit down and collect my thoughts. Uncollected thoughts can be found in my twitter account, which I’ve been using as my writing outlet. It may not hold many words, but I did start out as a poet.

Right now I only have six comics in my LleuGarnock buffer, and tomorrow it will be five if I don’t shape up. But that’s OK, because I am going to finish at least two comics today. I even cherish the dream of soon doubling my buffer, since the next five comics are all rough-sketched, and two scripts after that are almost set to go. I’ll make this relatively brief since I’d like to get down to business soon.

Yesterday I read through the LleuGarnock archives. I was glad to see that they were actually pretty interesting. I had mixed feelings about the relatively bad quality of the art at the beginning, but I’m very glad to have improved so much.

I’m approaching page 150, which falls plot-wise somewhere in page 25 of the original 99-page book. Estimating from that rate, the completed comic may have around 600 pages and take me 4.5 further years to complete. I think I’ll be able to stick around that long.

Since I’ve just been reading, scripting and organizing, which I love to do, I’m excited about the story and being able to write the rest of it in this much detail. I’m a little less enthralled about all the drawing I have to do, but I’m still fascinated to see how much more I can improve, so I think I have enough motivation to carry me through.

In the realm of Dragon’s Fall, I just realized maybe I should mention that the people in the first flashback scene don’t appear again for a while yet, just in case people get the wrong impression, for example, mistaking Jacan for Androx. Next time you see Androx he will have longer hair, to discourage any such confusion.


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