Half-dragon abilities and fighting styles

So obviously these clawed, ceiling-walking folks we’ve run into in Dragon’s Fall aren’t your standard humans. In fact, they are half-dragons. You’ll learn more about the species as the comic unfolds, but I thought I would take a moment to answer some of the more obvious questions people might have.

Their ability to walk on unlikely surfaces is not magic, but rather has to do with the structure of their feet, which are flexible and scaled, something like a gecko’s. When a half-dragon becomes detatched from a ceiling, he falls to the floor. In this particular training facility, the floor is sand. The traditional win condition of a match like this is to knock your opponent onto his back on the floor. The sand makes this easier as the half-dragon foot can’t attach to the shifting surface.

Half-dragon claws are very sharp. In this type of match the use of claws or any edged weapon is forbidden. Without his staff, Jacan’s remaining weapons are his feet. Use of the hands would be considered too dangerous.

Half-dragons have speed beyond the realm of human ability, but their reaction time is merely very good. This promotes a style where combatants stay far apart until they move in to strike, hoping to take their opponent by surprise. It also allows for some of the complex maneuvers that William’s fight scene descriptions are rife with, which, if they took place between two competent human fighters, would be easily thwarted.

I’m sure you have plenty of other questions. All in good time, my friends, all in good time.


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