Things I need to do

Now that I’ve switched to a more reasonable update schedule, maybe I can build up some buffer and then get to some of the stuff on my to-do list. There are a lot of things that I’ve been meaning to do and just haven’t found the right time – all my productive hours have gone towards producing actual comic pages. I feel like telling everybody about these cool plans I have.

The most important thing is getting a new on-demand printer for LleuGarnock. Lulu is way too expensive. I’ve been debating between ComixPress and Ka-Blam. They’re both much better deals but I don’t know which product is better. I guess what I should really do is go ahead and format my pages for both places, order two proofs and compare them. Or I could just pick one at random and go with it.

This will also mean getting chapter two set up for printing, and updating the Store page. I have some ideas about organizing it and that’s all tied up in other things I need to do.

I’m thinking of getting rid of my Gallery page and just linking straight to my DeviantArt account. I can link to it from Dragon’s Fall as well, it’s easier to add stuff to, and it’s also a place to sell smaller, higher-quality prints than my current CafePress store. I think I might end up using a different third-party store for all my different products. It’s convenient now because I never actually sell anything, but I can try out a bunch of services and see how they work.

The new site design for LleuGarnock is not working out as well as I hoped. Now that I have a pretty good grasp of CSS, I definitely see the advantages of a website with more basic HTML. I’ve also been throwing a lot of new buttons up on the site without fitting them into the sides the way I originally intended, because it’s a lot of trouble. I really need a more flexible setup.

I want to pare down the links page to just the more family-friendly comics, and leave the more mature links for Dragon’s Fall readers. Of course the excuse for putting this off is that I need to decide on my new site design before rewriting any of my pages.

Oh man, my Knol tutorial needs some serious updating. I haven’t used Paint since I got my Cintiq, and also some of my opinions have changed since I wrote it. I want to explain some of the stuff I do with a tablet, because there are a lot more beginners with tablets than I realized. Mainly, though, there is a way to do what I did with Paint in the GIMP.  So if people use GIMP for something and don’t want to switch programs the way I used to, they can.

So hopefully soon I’ll have some breathing room and I can get some of this stuff done.


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