Pacing Myself

By this point many of you will have gotten the idea that there won’t be a comic this week. It took a while for me to realize that, but I’ve finally gotten it through my thick head. I really hate being late or disappointing people. The thing about this case is I have to be late in order to avoid more disappointment than necessary.

It’s midnight on Monday and I still have so far to go on the second half of page three. This page is literally taking a week per panel. It makes a sort of sense; each panel has about twice as many visual elements as a page of LleuGarnock and I’m crafting all of them more carefully.

I’m so sad that I failed to keep my schedule, but with Dragon’s Fall the product takes priority. The third panel was totally overwhelming but over the past two days I have taken one element at a time and it’s really coming together. But it will be much better with more details and elements in the background. I didn’t go as far as I wanted to in the second panel with the crowd, and it still works, but I feel that I have to make up for that by making panel three everything it should be.

Now that I’m resigned to the fact that the schedule has been broken, it makes sense to release page 3.5 next Monday. I can spend tomorrow working on it, then on Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday I’ll be busy. That leaves Friday to put on finishing touches, get a couple of pages of LleuGarnock done, and maybe even take a break.

I have been so tired recently. Schedules are important to me and I have been working very hard to meet this one, but it’s not working out. I’m going to consider releasing Dragon’s Fall every other week until there is a significant buffer in both comics. LleuGarnock isn’t as important to me, but I have found when I do work on it, it’s been relaxing, and almost more satisfying since I can produce pages so much faster. I can’t work steadily on Dragon’s Fall for too long without going crazy, and switching back and forth between projects helps immensely in giving me some space to think about a problem.

Right now I am spending three quarters of my drawing time on Dragon’s fall and one quarter on LleuGarnock, and I’m still producing more than twice as many pages of LleuGarnock. So if I want to make my working times somewhat more balanced and bearable, I should definitely reduce my Dragon’s Fall update schedule. I had to experiment to know that, but now that I look at the experience I’ve had, the question that plagued me has a glaringly obvious answer.

So that’s the story on Dragon’s Fall updates. Whew, that’s a relief.

Also, it’s been brought to my attention that people can’t comment on this blog or on Dragon’s Fall updates without having a Webcomic Planet login. You can get one here.


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