twitter policies

So as you may know, I’m quite active on Twitter. I started my account primarily as a networking tool – I find other comic artists and follow them, they might follow me and read my comic, and we exchange advice and resources on comicking. I think it’s been working out pretty well. You could argue that I spend far too much time on Twitter that I should be spending on comics, but I think it’s worthwhile. I’ve gotten good advice and I’ve gotten readers, but it’s also fun. I need to pull away from work sometimes to let my subconscious play with the elements of the work and the problems I’m having. Being on Twitter lets me do that without feeling bad that I’m not doing anything for my comics.

Because of my specific goals in using Twitter, I’m following quite a collection of webcomic artists. I can imagine that list being a resource for others looking for webcomics, and in fact a few people have even commented that it’s useful. So I thought I should explain my policies in who I follow and who I don’t, although there are exceptions.

1) The followee should have an online comic archive that is either ongoing or large.

2)It should have a proper navigation system – you should not have to click more than once to get to the next comic – and should not be hosted on Zuda, which requires far too much effort to view each comic page, and makes me feel claustrophobic.

3) The Twitter account’s link should go to the comic, or to a blog or hubsite with obvious links to the comic.

4) The comic should not rely on crudeness for its humor or otherwise cause me more annoyance than entertainment.

So if any comic artist wonders why I’m not following them, the answer is probably on that list. The last policy is based on personal opinion, but there are too many comic artists to follow as it is.

I also think of my list as a way to bookmark a comic so I can find it later and read it, and I have found a lot of great comics through Twitter. So if you are on that list, consider me a fan, even if I only stopped by to read a page or two. I intend to come back.


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