This Is Not Batman!

OK, the launch of Dragon’s Fall has been delayed until at least Friday. William hadn’t given me much in the way of direction for the cover design, and so it has been proven that his direction is indeed necessary for the project. I had no beginning visual concept, except what I didn’t want it to be and what it couldn’t be. It didn’t turn out nearly as awesome as the first page.

Basically what he did say was “let’s have this character standing on top of a building.” We spent a long time today looking at the cover and discussing the cons of trying to do this with a character that isn’t Batman.

He has visual concepts, but he hasn’t described them to me well enough so that I can either draw them or tell him why they don’t work. I thought I could put something together anyway, but it’s just not working well enough.

I’m definitely spending a lot of time explaining to William the difference between describing a panel in detail, and putting too many elements in a panel. I keep telling him to give me detail, and he gives me panels impossibly full of cars. It’s as if his mind’s eye is roving over the scene with his movie camera. I say “we can’t do the whole shot in one panel, give me one frame. Then describe the elements of that frame in detail.”

This is the part of the project where I’m frustrated at William, but I know his weaknesses as a comic writer are due to lack of experience, and I have to be patient and just do the best I can on my end. So then I get frustrated at myself for not being patient enough and not communicating effectively enough and not being able to create something dramatic and worthy of the project without his input. Then I overwork myself and explode at every little annoyance.

So tomorrow I’m going to take a break and try really hard not to think about the cover. I’m going to wait and see what William comes up with after all our discussion today about what doesn’t work, what might work, and what kind of details I need. Then I’ll start over.


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