Those annoying little details

So I haven’t blogged in a while, sorry. I’ve been very busy. My brain is spinning around and around in a turmoil. Not a terrible turmoil, but rather one that contains joy, uncertainty and exhaustion.  I want to launch the Dragon’s Fall site on Monday. This isn’t a deadline I’ve had, but rather I think I’m nearly ready. I’ve been pushing myself to get things done because they are the things I love to do. I’ve been in front of my computer for the vast majority of my waking hours over the past . . . what, three weeks? That sounds right, but it also sounds really long. I should go out and do something.

So you can see that this is not going to be the most coherent blog ever.  I’m jumping around from subject to subject even more than usual, and I can’t seem to stop it. The editing systems of my brain are exhausted. I’ve made them look at complicated pictures and tell me how to fix them. My editing brain doesn’t particularly like art.

What I like about making art is getting the ideas and the finished product. Because of the way I compose, I can stretch out the part where I’m getting ideas a long way, but there is usually a time when I just have to focus on making what I have better. I find this very boring.

My editing brain was built for writing. Getting ideas for stories is hard for me. It’s making stories better that I live for. Even the little things like proofreading and choosing exactly the right verb.

That’s not exactly the right distinction, because with both the hardest part for me is the initial idea, and with both I love filling out the idea. The distinction is in the mechanics of the final touches.  With writing I love finding exactly the little change that will make it perfect. With art I’m more likely to say “Let’s just make this part blurry and move on to something more interesting.” This project is difficult because I force myself to put in the work.

My brain is now used up. I will eat now. Bye.


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