Words and Pictures – Argh!

I’m really annoyed with drawing right now. I think it’s just because I’m pushing myself harder than usual. I can’t take a break because I just took a break, basically the entire month of December, and I’m behind. My mind’s just not in it. But because I have everything figured out in the pages I’m doing, I don’t really have to think. That’s good, because my brain is busy and tired, but bad because I am bored. If I were working on paper, I would probably have scrunched up this page by now. As it stands, I have only pantomimed stabbing it with my tablet pen.

Writing is no problem. After all, writing is what I do. Woah, did I just write that? After all this “now I am a comic artist” junk in the recent posts? Working on Dragon’s Fall again is messing me up, because it reminds me of the good times when that book was my life. I do want to learn to draw great comics, but the real joy for me is in making up the story. Now, as an irony, I am on the art end of a comic co-production.

I’m going to learn a lot that I didn’t have to before, about working with others. William and I have to redefine our relationship yet again. He is in the process of realizing how different writing novels and writing comics really are, and I’ve been stomping all over his confidence by knowing it already. But I have a right to preach, because I’ve spent the last year hard at work learning what he needs to know now.

I have to try to step out of the story aspects of DF. For one thing, I will need all my energy for the art and layout aspects of the project. For another, it will give William some room to make the story his own, and yet motivation to get it done. Also, when I am too much in the story, I can’t help seeing it as a whole, and I have to focus on the beginning and work through in a linear way for it to work as a comic. So although this is the project that reminds me how fun writing is, it’s also going to be very art-focused from now on.

That’s another reason why I’m frustrated with the art for LleuGarnock right now. LG is still the story that I get to work on the most, so I want to work on the story when I’m working on LG. The art has always been just a means to other ends.

So now this is making me question my calling again. I think it’s a symptom of being around William. He’s surrounded by a cloud of wonder at the infinite possibilities of life; how can you pick just one?

I’ll overcompensate by writing a lot of blogs. At least it involves putting words together. It’s rather relaxing, actually.


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